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I’m an IT guy, specializing in & .
I‘ve been building a hate-group , based upon the SPLC’s list. For & .

I like . Introduced to them in school & loved them since. I went for years w/o using them until my wife & I decided to buy 1 for 1 another.

I like & . I ❤️ toy 📷.

Also interested in , , . I’ve ridden my bike for charity in , the , & the .

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Come June 2018, I’m riding my bicycle 200 km in 2 days—from Toronto to Niagara—in the Envridge Ride to Conquer Cancer.

Monies donated benefit the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

I could use your help. More info here:

Well, that was eventful.

I'm back at home after being in hospital.

I will get around to upgrading.

TMW you find a remix—you haven’t heard in probably 18 years—of your favourite song in the entire world… not quite dancing, but grooving along while washing dishes, and your wife walks in and sees you.

Memories of hearing loss:

Josh Wink’s Higher State of Consciousness
at volume

I think I’m down to the final crate of music collection. I have done a poor job of keeping up with all this. Missing so many discs! 😭

Favorite activity:
On Twitter, add QAnon to your name (e.g. with a somewhat disparaging context) or in your bio and watch the fine QAnon believers blindly follow you.

Easy preemptive block list. No, I’m not “afraid of differing opinions”; I’m not going to waste my time with their BS.

She’s not wrong. She’s been to every one since she was born with the exception of the days following her birth.

E said, “If we were still in Atlanta we would go to DragoCon because it’s my birthday.”

If we get out back to school errands done, we will take the kids to FanExpo.

Happy DragonCon, y’all!

Missing it this year. First time in 20.

I just learned my daughter has named her two Barbie dolls "Björk" and "Joan Jett".

ok, something's going sideways. I haven't figured it out yet.

throwback to the beautiful octopus (Graneledone boreopacifica) that was seen at 1164 m depth on the Davidson (Pierce) Seamount in the SGaan Kinghlas-Bowie Protected Area during E/V Nautilus dives earlier this year. It didn’t move very much for the entirety of the visit to the area, which led researchers to believe this octo might be brooding. It was an enchanting sight to watch this octopus respirate at the bottom of the Northeast Pacific Ocean from a computer in Philly

@snailix 26 days til my leg of the cruise 😭🤯😁😍🤗🦑🐚🌊🤭

ps you can follow along live w dives at

it’s a mapping leg right now so no live dive video, but live dives will continue in just a few days!!!

Picked up a disc last night... "What the hell is this?" Didn't recognize it 29 years. Popped it in. Started it. Remembered all the lyrics.

My goodness at the Twitter folks finding me on here. I guess I need to do a better job of hiding. 😂

Digitizing my music library has been a rather calming endeavour. I stress more about not finding decent album art than I do the process of getting it to the computer.

Coming across old memories over the past 30 years. (Or longer if I were digitizing my LPs and/or
for whatever reason, cassettes)

Hey, Webex, stop randomly taking focus away from the program I have in the foreground!

My cursor blinks at me, waiting for me to type.

Gym membership obtained.

Company has an agreement with a gym. Not passing up the basically half off membership. Now, back to being more active.

And as an instance admin, it’s kind of important to me that people know I won’t just roll over and tell people to ‘ignore and block’ because I’m afraid of the response.

I’m not afraid of bigots. I’ve gotten into physical altercations because I won’t relent to bigots and racists.

PV is not a place that just ignores bigotry and hate and hope it goes away.

I want everyone who is a part of my instance or thiking about it to know I don’t play cute with people who want to harm us.