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I’m an IT guy, specializing in & .
I‘ve been building a hate-group , based upon the SPLC’s list. For & .

I like . Introduced to them in school & loved them since. I went for years w/o using them until my wife & I decided to buy 1 for 1 another.

I like & . I ❤️ toy 📷.

Also interested in , , . I’ve ridden my bike for charity in , the , & the .

for a kid who doesn’t like seams in their clothes, this tracks.

6yo proudly proclaimed tonight: I LOVE my birthday suit. I don’t want to wear any other clothes.

Me: *looks at outside temperature* uh huh.

While the Amz Fire tablets/FreeTime for the kids have been a “godsend”, they are a nightmare to manage. At least twice per year, I have to completely wipe them.

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Literally, if you live in toronto and know where my ass can get scrambled eggs with tomato on rice, please - for the love of god - *tell me*.

... boost pls.

@chigh while I think I have learned more in this app than I did in school as far as reading and writing, I don’t have anyone to practice speaking with, and I’m *really* self conscious speaking aloud. I then get discouraged and can’t think, making learning the language even more difficult.

It has taken me weeks to get through this lesson on German conjunctions on Duolingo. I’m really struggling. I’ll eventually get through it, but I’m afraid when I complete it, I still won’t know how they work.

Please stop with the “at the end of the day”.

I’m begging you.

When do I get to sit around and listen to music all day?

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More STIG work today. And also digging through packet captures. Good times.

@chigh well, that’s an interesting feature.

@chigh This winter has been significantly mild compared to the last two. I rather liked themThe

Holy Mountain / Poppy

Weird! It’s not quite dark outside when I get on the bus to go home.

Gotta find a better source for watching live sports. My feeds constantly buffer. The on-demand stuff works perfectly, but the live sports buffer. Dunno about regular live TV because I don’t watch it.

ok, upgraded to 3.0.1. Sorry to let it languish.

We got a turntable for Christmas. I am no DJ, but I have more 12” singles than I remembered.

Well, I failed miserably at that. Maybe this weekend.

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