Today, I need to spin up a new hosting server (not for this instance) and get it properly configured. And maybe get the control panel software on it. Maybe just maybe this weekend, try migrating one of my accounts to it.

Spun up and now getting the control panel software on it.

My previous provider changed hands and they now want to charge me a significant sum that used to be included in the managed server fees. I mean, that's why I was paying for a fairly expensive plan.

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Control panel installed and mostly configured.

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A month later and I’m in the process of moving all the accounts over to it. Good times. And it’s actually been mostly painless. A few things have cropped up—like when people tell me they’ve swapped up the name servers for their domains, but haven’t. That’s been it, though. Mostly painless.

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I dread when it’s time to do a massive upgrade to this instance. I have no clue as to what I’m doing. Just to be transparent. 😅

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