Vaccine administrator: “The province recommends for children that you wait 8 weeks between doses.”

J: “We waited 6. The province is also sending my kids back to school w/a mostly un/partially vaccinated population. If we had waited 8, we would be in school 4 weeks without the vaccine’s full protection. 2 weeks until their 2nd dose and 2 weeks before their bodies have built up immunity.”

VA: “Well, there is/that/.”

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@chigh We had a frustrating go of it; we made a follow-up for my son's second dose 6 weeks after his first. The system won't let you book in earlier than the allowed minimum.
On the appointed day we went to the supersite and passed through two sets of screening, only to then be told we have to wait 8 weeks, no exceptions.
Apparently the onus was on us to know that they changed to criteria shortly before we went .
At least we were exposed to tonnes of people for no reason...

@jeffnik I was afraid of that getting my booster a few weeks ago, but thankfully the centre where I was getting it is huge, so lots of open space between people.

But they allowed us to reschedule the kids’ appointment. And now, school attendance is so low, the formerly crowded classrooms have made a handful of students in them. The school system is barely giving any information about cases in schools. It’s still a mess.

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