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@TheGibson It's very easy to do, and undo.

With that user.js file in place, it flips things around so that the option is still there, but it turns it off by default. The user can enable it for a session, if they want to for some crazy reason, but it will flip back to disabled as long as that .js file is there with those contents.

Any changes to that setting (by Mozilla or the user) won't stick.

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I'm wondering what it says about my life, that Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp all go out on the same day, and my daily routine isn't affected at all.

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Anyways, i have A Way with animals.

And I'm mad that i can't just write "trust me" on an animal related job app

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... and yet another Catavatar NFTs... 😔
This time on Binance , 1000 items, not derivated (1:1 to the one I created), no mention of the Creative Commons license and no attribution = illegal usage.

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"Luke, you switched off your targeting computer! What's wrong?"

The targeting computer:

Please sign in to acquire target. No login? Enter your email to create a free TargetLock Targeting Computers account and get all the newest updates!

Would you like to add this target to your memories?

If you like THERMAL EXHAUST PORTs, you might also be interested in...

[ Target will lock after ad ]

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Hm, I'm guessing big box home improvement stores frown on customers using power tools in the parking lot? 🤔

(I can't fit uncut 2x10s into my car but I don't feel like dealing with the deep sighs and/or dirty looks I get from employees when I ask to have a couple of things cut in the store. It occurred to me I could just bring my battery-powered saw and cut shit down in the parking lot)

Work ramble 2 

They now want to do a time study with one of the designers from the new company to see what works more efficiently. Said designer commented that he'd quit his job if he has to change to what we're using.
Why do I feel the process is doomed, should I even put up a fight? Mostly I just want it out of my head after 6 months of this.

Work ramble 

Work, and how to stop thinking about it.

My employer was bought by a larger company and want to make all the software uniform including my design software. The problem is we have 20+ years of files with the current software, our publications department also uses the software, and our department that does the large-scale output also uses it.
The new company's publications department also uses the same software we do.

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Software opinion 

"why even use Firefox at this point" because everything else is either Chrome or doesn't work or both

As with any new abode, there is always a learning curve. When the electrical panel was upgraded the electrician couldn't necessarily trace the circuits which were labeled things like "extra plug" and then disappear into 70 year-old walls.
The electrician put the same labels on the new panel as were on the old, and I'm cool with figuring it out.
Last night I figured out that the circuit labeled "toaster" is for a plug in the corner of the dining room, and not even close to the kitchen.
Why not?

Trying to diagnose why the doorbell at the new house makes a barely audible high-pitched sound and then fades away. I thought perhaps the hammer was getting stuck after hitting the chime, but decided to Google it.
According to the search it is most likely tinnitus.
Thanks for the diagnosis, doctor Google.

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Today's shade 

Q: How can you tell if that artist only draws furries?
A: They don't know how to draw clothes.

Q: How can you tell if that artist only draws anime?
A: They don't know how to draw adults.

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Running ancient business accounting software on Windows 10 in a VM. Software mysterious stops running. Vendor only offers a web-based version with subscription. No way to open my Company file without their software.
Government suggest filing for tax purposes.
Once again feeling like I've been had by closed source software companies.

I don't think the media server liked moving houses.
A kernel panic makes for unhappy me.

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Lot of new folks here. In case you haven’t heard of Projekt: ONI…


Getcha some of that sweet, sweet privacy juice.

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One of the best things about working on your own projects is you're not encumbered by indulgent designers making life difficult. Just use the native views/widgets, keep the ui (and therefore the code) as simple as possible, follow platform conventions with no surprises: easier for users and better for accessibility.

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We need to go back and make the games that the ads and box art made it look like people were buying in the 80s and 90s. :flan_think:

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